Вас приветствует телеканал "НПО Лаборатория К.", постоянно обновляемый каталог христианского видеоконтента.                                                                                                                                                                      "Мы ищем для Вас новые и интересные видеклипы, новости и фильмы..."
Тримараны, обучение
Here is an example of what is achievable if you only try. I set a goal of attending the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Budapest this year, 2019, with Ewa Marcinkowska. She started in a Nordic Explorer, https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic, graduated to a TS515 Training Scull with stabilisers, https://ahoy-boats.biz/TS515/ and then moved on to fine boats. You have to be in it to win it. Ewa had never rowed nor sculled before meeting me so it was a steep learning curve for her. But we made it and we didn't come last :-) The journey is more important than the destination. In fact the journey IS the destination. Check out https://scullingacademy.com and invest in my book, How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success, which is available through Amazon.

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