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Stephen Walker & Ewa Marcinkowska en-route for Poland, towing a Nordic Explorer (coastal rowing boat) https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ to make a documentary about rowing down the River Vistula (Wisła) stop briefly in Magdeburg. Why? Only later in the full documentary will you discover the reason and a couple of surprises.

Ewa Marcinkowska & Steve Walker travelling to Poland towing a Nordic Explorer coastal, recreational rowing boat to make a documentary.

Follow us, Steve Walker & Ewa Marcinkowska, as we make a documentary to guide you through Poland via the queen of Polish Rivers, the River Wisła (Vistula). We are about to set off in time to celebrate 30 years since the ending of Communism in Poland and 100 years since the rebirth of Poland after WWI.

Watch more videos and discover more about this great boat at https://ahoy-boats.biz

Boat launching protocol demands that a lady such as the queen or the queen mother should launch a ship or a boat. Here is trailer to my take on that. https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/launching-2-nordic-explorers/

Learn more at https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ about this new boat, the Nordic Explorer, now available as a double and also in standard or lightweight, vacuum infused, sandwich construction.

Steve Walker's 1st row (scull) in a Nordic Explorer single. Watch more at https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/

Watch more at https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/rowing-on-the-sea/ and learn more about the delights of rowing on the sea/ocean.

Why would you do this? Row the entire length of Loch Ness. Watch the full video at https://youtu.be/_Uv0rFgK3Ws and learn more about the Nordic Explorer at https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/

Well of course, if it's a nice day, you might just want to go swimming. :-) Find out more here https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/explorer-video-2/

Steve Walker is at Bled in 2017 and bumps into Peter Brooks from Australia whom he has never met before. How could this chance encounter help YOU to improve your performances?

Steve Walker, founder of https://ScullingAcademy.com and author of "How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success", teams up again with his regular training buddy, Diane Moore, to race at Loughborough Boat Club's "Soar Head", which is a totally different challenge from racing on a straight multi-lane course. Steering ability is severely tested, not just power, endurance and technique.

After we'd won and racing was over and the trailer loaded we were allowed to jump on the Olympic Rowing Lake!

Catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster at the end of this video of the MonsterTheLoch, mass participation, human powered event. Watch Steve Walker and Keith Lawton in the new Nordic Explorer double https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic. Will they make it to the end? Who will not?

The Monstertheloch race time was brought forward from 10 to 8.30am to make the most of the weather. This is the first race I've entered in the Nordic Explorer double, https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ which is a new recreational boat designed to be comfortable, dry and safe so we were excited to see how she performed in rough water. You'll have to excuse my pronunciation of Loch. I'm a Sassanach.

Naming my new Nordic Explorer double sculling boat, https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ the day before rowing the entire 36km length of Loch Ness. My very good friend Sian chose the name Morag.

The day before Steve Walker, founder of https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ and Keith Lawton, president of Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club, race the whole 34km length of Loch Ness, home of the fabled Loch Ness Monster, "Nessie", in the monstertheloch.com mass participation event they did some reconnaissance with their hosts Sian and Phil, who have just completed building a new house adjacent to the Loch, which, incidentally, will be available for holiday lets in the future. Boats entered in the event have to be seaworthy and you will see why in this video. Undertaking the race in a new Nordic Explorer double, is the perfect opportunity to show just how seaworthy the Nordic Explorer is.

Discover the Joy of Rowing in a Nordic Explorer https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/. Whether on the sea, ocean, lake, loch or river the Nordic Explorer will protect you and give you hours of enjoyment and healthy, whole body, exercise. A joy shared is a joy doubled and a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Edited version of my race in the same boat with Diane Moore, my regular training buddy. We train alongside each other in singles and only enter a few races each year in the mixed double. Many thanks to Janet Vorberg for the loan of her Wintech double scull, Gladys, named after her mother. This was a great, relaxed and friendly regatta and if you were not there you missed out big time.

Keith Lawton of Hollingworth Lake RC and Steve Walker of Grosvenor RC had just one short practice outing in this over 60s double scull before racing former 3x World Lightweight Single Sculls Champion, Raimund Harberl and his partner, Robert Mosek at the 2018 European Masters Regatta in Munich. It was quite a race!

Jaws drop and eyebrows are raised when I mention that I've done this. Head over to https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ to learn more about this great sliding-seat, recreational, coastal, sculling (rowing) boat, the NORDIC EXPLORER, which ships all over the world. Ask me for a quote. Thanks are due to Connor Weaver for his assistance as my videographer on this super day.

Eyebrows are raised whenever I mention that I've done this! The Mersey is a mighty river with a 10.7m tidal range that creates very strong currents. Go to https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ to learn more about this magnificent sliding seat, open water, recreational sculling boat. Many thanks to Connor Weaver, my videographer on this super day, when the conditions were perfect for undertaking this feat.

2018 Chester Regatta. Needle match between local rival clubs, Grosvenor Rowing Club and Royal Chester Rowing Club, that are only 100 yards apart. Who will win?

5 minutes basic instruction and away he goes. This TS515 Training Scull https://www.ahoy-boats.biz inspires confidence. The best boat in the world for teaching and learning sculling, whether you are 7 or 70. "...this is our 7 year old after 5 minutes during his first ever outing... Exceeds all expectations for competent adults & children alike! Many thanks!" The mother. Buy now at: http://www.ahoy-boats.info/lists/Ahoy-Boats_latest-rowing-prices.htm

Listen to these two experienced scullers' comments about the Nordic Explorer. Then order one quickly https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/. There's a queue.

Steve Walker, founder of https://www.Ahoy-Boats.co.uk, introduces the new ASTUS 20.5 Trimaran Day Boat. A 20ft boat with 4 berths! It is 40% more powerful than the previous 20.2 with bigger floats and even better use of the space that 20ft affords.

Detailed views and description of the NEW Astus 16.5 Trimaran available through http://ahoy-boats.com. Steve Walker guides you through the features of this up to date family day boat. This is a great boat to start your adventures in trimarans and is the bottom of the range of Astus Boats that go up as far as 24ft. There is also a tantalising glimpse of a scale model of the next new boat in the range, the 20.5, that will be on show at the Düsseldorf Boat Show early in 2018.

Steve Walker, founder of http://ahoy-boats.com and http://scullingacademy.com and author of How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success, takes the twins, Elly and Kate from Chester, for a spin in a new Nordic Explorer https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ at Henley-on-Thames on finals day of the 2017 regatta.

Steve Walker, founder of Sculling Academy, http://scullingacademy.com, partners with his regular training partner, Diane Moore in Mixed F double sculls at the 2017 World Rowing Masters Regatta in Bled, Slovenia. Watch the drama unfold.

Founder of Ahoy-Boats and http//scullingacademy.com, Steve Walker, racing at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Bled, Slovenia, 2017. What a great regatta! A race every 3 minutes has meant there are always 2 races on the course at any one time. And racing from 07.00 to 19.00. This was Steve's race in G single sculls. Watch to see what happened.

With a record number of athletes at the World Rowing Masters Regatta this year, 2017, in Bled, Slovenia, there is a VERY large number of racing boats too.

The day before racing begins in the World Rowing Masters Regatta we took a walk around the most iconic rowing venue in the world, Lake Bled.

Steve Walker, founder of http://scullingacademy.com and Ahoy-Boats and author of "How to Win - the Sports Competitor's Guide to Success" https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Win-Sports-Competitors-Success/dp/1478189320/ takes a Nordic Explorer https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ for a sea trial. No water was taken on board! Not a drop. The usual sea birds were encountered, gulls, terns, a shy guillemot but also an unusual flock of turnstones, just a stone's throw from beach but out of sight or everybody except those in boats. Steve sculls out to the green Rhosneigr buoy and from there to the Little Orme where there is a flock of herring gulls gorging on whitebait along with mackerel, also feeding on them.

Why launch one when you can launch 2 Nordic Explorers https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/ at once? The honours must be preformed by a lady and my friends Helen Marriott and Sue Corbin stepped up to the plate willingly. A good excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly.

On the maiden voyage of the Nordic Explorer https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic Steve Walker plucked two young maidens from the towpath and gave them a ride down to Temple Island and all the way up past the course to Henley Bridge. They seemed to enjoy themselves. Not a lot of people realise that on the towpath side only unpowered craft are allowed, apart from officials. And so rowing is undoubtedly the quickest way of getting about on race days as the towpath becomes so congested. It also means that you can get up close and personal with the racing crews, separated from them by only the booms.

There are some unsual things to see on the river when I go sculling but then there is the TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. Watch to the end then please share this video, sponsored by http://ScullingAcademy.com/

NEW sliding seat single sculling boat (rowboat). Although built for comfort rather than speed you can nevertheless row all day at 4 knots and sprint at 5kn. https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/explorer/ Safe - Seaworthy - Smooooooth

International Master Sculler, Steve Walker outlines his cure for the modern plague of obesity that is cripling the British National Health Service. Founder of Ahoy-Boats https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/explorer/ and author of "How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success", Steve expounds the virtue and value of JOY in exercise.

You can BUY at http://www.ahoy-boats.info/lists/Ahoy-Boats_latest-rowing-prices.htm and there is more information at http://www.ahoy-boats.biz/. Learn to scull well at http://scullingacademy.com.

When Steve Walker, founder of http://scullingacademy.com, and author of https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Sports-Competitors-Guide-Success-ebook/dp/1478189320/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1474386627&sr=1-1&keywords=how+to+win+sports+competitors+guide+success+Stephen+Walker How to Win - The Sports Competitors Guide to Success, was at the World Rowing Masters Regatta, where he won two gold medals, he noticed that an awful lot of crews were making a fundamental, novice error! Watch and learn about Racecraft.

Founder of http://scullingacademy.com, Steve Walker, and his two training partners, Diane Moore and Janet Vorberg, won Masters G1x, Women's D2x and Mixed F2x at the World Masters in Copenhagen. Steve had towed the trailer from Chester in England across the Pennines to Hull then caught the P&O overnight ferry to Rotterdam, driven to Lübeck and the next day caught another ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby and thence to Copenhagen. This is the video of the return journey via Ratzeburg, the most exciting parts being associated with ferries!

Another win at the 2016 World Rowing Masters Regatta for http://scullingacademy.com founder, Steve Walker, this time with his training partner Diane Moore. "We were ahead from the start and had complete faith in each other, despite not having trained in the same boat", said Steve. "We just had to make sure that we didn't make any mistakes once we were in the lead", added Di. Steve explained, "Between 150 and 250m we were a bit close to the buoys but we managed to steer clear of them and had a consistent line from then on." "I feel that this win, my win in G singles on Friday and Di and Janet's win in women's D doubles are a complete vindication of my training methods. They prove that my win in F singles at Duisberg in 2012 and a couple of second places since at Varese and Hazewinkel are not flukes or merely luck." So if you want to know more then read https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Sports-Competitors-Guide-Success-ebook/dp/1478189320/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1474386627&sr=1-1&keywords=how+to+win+sports+competitors+guide+success+Stephen+Walker How to Win - The Sports Competitors Guide to Success by Stephen Walker and invest in Sculling Academy's "Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery" when you get the chance.

Steve Walker, founder of Sculling Academy, http://www.scullingacademy.com, wins G1x at the 2016 World Rowing Masters Regatta (WRMR) in Copenhagen. The medal has a mermaid (THE mermaid) on it. Very nice.

Chatting away to his training partner whilst warming up on the River Dee, Steve Walker's cool is rudely interrupted by a semi-submerged tree. The same tree he inadvertently hit the previous day! Go to http://scullingacademy.com to learn how to avoid capsize.

Go to http://www.ahoy-boats.biz for learn more about (or buy) the TS515 Training Scull featured in this video of the Gibaud family reunion/launch of the Jubilee Project. Chris Gibaud has been training in this boat and on his erg in preparation for the challenge of rowing down the River Thames from Lechlade to Putney. Listen to the comments made about the boat by his sons and daughter. Anybody can row this boat.

Buy my book: https://www.amazon.com/How-Win-Sports-Competitors-Success/dp/1478189320/ then goto http://www.scullingacademy.com to get a taste of my coaching before enrolling. British Masters Championship silver medalist, Steve Walker, invites you to consider what was the most important factor that contributed to this result, the MAGIC factor.

Click this link: http://www.scullingacademy.com/what-am-i-doing-in-this-video/ to get an explanation of my actions here at Northwich Head. I was doing something that I've never done before but will definitely do again. What was it?

I often get asked whether it is possible to put a TS515 Training Scull, http://www.ahoy-boats.biz, on top of a car roof. And it is. I think it's really easy. But I'm strong and always up for the challenge. So, what if you're not strong e.g. you're a woman? Here's the solution: A KariTek easy load roof rack, http://www.karitek.co.uk. Surprisingly you can easily load, not just one of these boats on this rack but 3 of them. In fact you could carry 6! It's a really neat system so now you have no excuse for not buying a TS515 Training Scull. This boat is ideal for recreational rowing, for teaching or learning sculling, for rowing in challenging water. It's swift, stable and safe, rewarding and reassuring at the same time.

Order a TS515 Training Scull now from http://www.ahoy-boats.biz. This is how to inspire the uninitiated without frightening them. The stabilisers turn a fast boat into a stable boat. For a boat to be fast and to give you the thrill that you get from a racing boat then it needs to be slim but that makes it unstable and scary. So putting stabilisers on the boat really do help you to learn quickly and give you confidence. There are other benefits with this boat so check out the web site: http://www.ahoy-boats.biz and place your order now.

Watch this video then click: http://www.ahoy-boats.biz to learn more about this excellent boat. It is responsive, rewarding and reassuring all at once. Furthermore it is realistic because in it you feel the need to balance the boat yet the stabilsers give you the confidence to try.

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